Brocke Hambrecht

Brocke learnt the craft of the ‘Call’ and the value of the ‘Negotiation’ from three valuable years spent auctioneering in Melbourne and then two further years in South East Queensland. This experience is enhanced by over a decade of both residential and commercial real estate experience as a selling agent and also sales manager - a key aspect in understanding the role the agent plays and how the auctioneer best fits in. With an appreciation for the auction process better than most, he understands it is a ‘feel’ for the situation, the crowd and the emotion that can only be derived from an incredible selling experience.


Brocke clearly understands that his job is to facilitate the selling process and ensure that all parties sign the contract of sale with sense of accomplishment. South East Queensland, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North will always be home and it is here that he applies a craft and knowledge that only enhances the buying and selling experience.

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